Saturday, April 23, 2011

Claire 3 Months

My bear bear

Sweet Claire.  You are the prettiest thing Mommy and Daddy have ever seen.  We think you already know this!  Your big blue eyes and chubby cheeks are the best!

- You are in size one diapers and wearing 3 month clothes.  You are still pretty petite.
- You are almost eating 5 ounces.  I usually give you the 5 ounce bottle right before bed.
- You are smiling ALL the time now.  In fact, every time you wake up from your nap or at night, you have a huge smile when we come to your crib.  You have me wrapped (and you know it).  All you have to do is flash that smile and I get you out. BUT you don't like to show that smile when I am really trying to get your picture.  
- You rolled over for the first time the other day and I missed it :( but know you will be doing lots more of that soon.

- You are a little Diva.  You are constantly throwing that hand up!! and at times, sleep like that.  You are going to be a handful when you get older - lots of attitude already :)

- You still love your baby einstein play mat.  Your new favorite part of the mat is the Octopus.  You will stare at it for 20 minutes, laugh and pull on it!  You and Max have also been watching a baby einstein video in the morning so I can do some Mommy things.
- You had a great first road trip to the beach and loved hanging out with your grandparents, but not as much as they loved being with you!  You truly bring joy to everyone
- We skype with Grandma and Grandpa Fredrick at least once a week, but it is usually close to bed time and you start to get grumpy.  They can't wait to see you in a few weeks to show you off to their friends!

I love you baby girl!!

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