Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bicentinial Gardens

Also known as the Bog Gardens.  We changed it up a bit today.  It was beautiful so I thought it would be pretty to go to the Bog gardens.  I have wanting to take some "real" pictures, meaning not in the green chair pictures, for some time now.  Only problem is M and C can't sit without support.  I lugged the boppy and a towel for our prop.
New Shades

There were swarms of bugs everywhere on the walking path, so I just got a few cute pics before we headed off to Friendly Shopping Center

his hair is so blonde, he looks bald!

 So beautiful!

This next one is my favorite!
Love those piggies! 

Time to start packing for our trip to ATL!  This will be their longest trip yet!


  1. ADORABLE!! have a great trip!! We will def get together next week!

  2. These are great pictures! Enjoy them laying down for now..... Pretty soon you won't be able to just lay them down anywhere they'll be rolling and crawling before you know it!