Monday, May 30, 2011

Brunch and Cookout

This post is so a week behind - but better late than never!
We went to ATL last weekend for a brunch and cookout in honor of Max and Claire.  This was a time Grandma and Grandpa could show off their beautiful Grandchildren!!  The weekend was perfect, although we could have used a couple of extra hours in our day on Saturday!
I have so many pictures, so I'll just let the pictures show the details of our day!

The Brunch

Proud Grandma showing off Claire!

Max and Claire received lots of wonderful gifts!
like these cute flip flops!!

hanging with Grandpa!

most beautiful girl in the world!

Since I have so many pics, I'll do the cookout on the next post!

OH... Darcy and I made these cupcakes.  I baked them and she decorated them!  She is so talented!!
Those are fondant hearts

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