Monday, May 30, 2011


Last weekend's cookout in Atlanta was fabulous!  It was low key and surrounded by the Fredrick's family and close friends.

We had outfit changes!

I was hoping for a nap in between the brunch and the cookout but because I messed up the cake the night before, I was making another.  I left out 3 cups of sour cream and didn't realize until I saw it in the refrigerator the next morning! ha!  Once again, I made the cake and Darcy decorated.  We're a pretty good team if I dare say so myself!
she handmade these flowers!

 This is one of our friend's little girl.  She is so grown up!! After we had put the babies down for the night, we heard her (on the monitor) singing to them in Spanish and English...and found out she had unswaddled them and surrounded them with their lovies!!  I just started laughing when I went to check on them!

This is James holding Max.  He is going to take care of Max and Claire while we run the Peachtree in July!  

Max and Claire were showered with more gifts!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends!!


Alright, I think I am finally caught up!  Now we have to get back to our daily photo shoots!

Oh - last night Justin and I had a date night on the back porch!  We waited to have dinner til after the kiddos went to bed.  Justin lit the grill at about 8:00.  I was in my work out clothes when he came in the kitchen all showered and dressed. Wait. What?!  So I went to shower and put on a dress and heels!  We had our chicken kabobs and potato salad and sat on the deck by candlelight (two yankee candles!!) , some music and a glass of wine.  It was SO nice!!  We were talking today and said how much fun we had and it felt like it did 3 years ago!  Here's to more nights like that!!

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  1. That is so sweet :) Nights on the back porch sound heavenly - I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourself!! Have a wonderful week, darlin!