Friday, May 6, 2011

Thanks neighbor for your internet!

First off, I had planned on writing a post about my shopping day yesterday.  I splurged on a perfect pair of jeans and hoping to talk Justin into letting me get a second pair!  I also scored two beautiful sweaters from Banana Republic. One is a light blue and the other is pink - originally $69.50 and I got them for $16.99 each!  I'm thinking about going to get another color.

Last night Justin had a guy from work come over to cut down some trees in our backyard..... this is where the no cable/internet comes in.  The guy didn't get here until 7- feeding time.  (side note:  I had to feed, bathe, pj, and put both babies to bed by myself)  Within the first 10 min of them doing the work, they had done something to the cable.  I called Time Warner only for them to tell me we were off line and they would not be able to send someone out til SUNDAY at 1:30.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  That is ages away! 
It is probably good to have no cable or internet for a few days, but the house is super quiet.... too quiet.

And a little vent (sorry J, if you are reading this)  Last night the babies started making noises around 2:30 am.  I had already gone in twice to re-swaddle and put pacis back in.  The third time I asked Justin to check on them and he replied, "I have to get up in a little to go to work" OMG that makes me so mad.  I was so tired, I too had worked all day and will work all day today and the next..... so I jumped up and just got them out to start feeding.
Why do guys not realize that SAHM is a full time, 24/7, job too?  I'd like to see them stay a full day by themselves with the babies and see how tired they are!

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