Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big weekend!

The past couple of days have been so busy! Sadly, I don't really have pics to share and I still need to do Max and Claire's individual 5 mo post.  Tomorrow they are getting baptized!  We had a cleaning lady come for the first time and OMG she is awesome!!  She has come three days to get our house ready, even power washing the outside windows!  THEN she asked about what food we were having and I told her and mentioned I was going to make a fruit bowl and she said she used to work with a caterer and would like to make us a fruit tray!  So she is coming by today to drop it off!!  So sweet! AND our house is spotless!
My best friend, and one of Claire's Godmothers has had horrible flight issues.  She got stuck in Miami bc of weather then had to book a flight to Raleigh, which is about an hour and half away and won't get here until like 3 this afternoon.  I feel so bad bc her flight back to Tampa tomorrow is at 3 so we will only see her for less than 24 hours and she has been through hell to get here!! DEDICATION!! that's why she is my bestie!
Max and Claire are lucky to have such wonderful Godparents!

Justin picked up their cakes for me yesterday and I was very disappointed.  They do not look like they came from a bakery, IMO.  Hopefully the cupcakes I make will turn out nice.

Hoping for a peaceful, fun and productive day!

Nap babies, Nap!

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