Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Max and Claire 5 Months

I CanNOT believe that our babies are 5 months old today :(  I am sad and happy at the same time!
Each month keeps getting better and better!  They are smiling all the time now :)  The past two weeks they have been super vocal.  It's the sweetest noise.... until it turns to whining and crying :)

Things for me to remember:
They sit supported
Can roll over both ways
Sleeping through the night (usually 8-7)
Taking four naps a day, although I think we are about to drop one
Eating every three hours, but trying to move to four
I am pumping five times a day, but still not able to keep up.  They get two full breast milk bottles, one formula and the other two are 3/4 bm, 1/4 formula
They have tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and peas.  Claire seemed to like all three.  Max was not interested!
No teeth yet, but swollen gums causing lots of drool and fingers in mouth
Loved their first time at the pool

We have a great night time routine.  I bathe Claire, then he takes Claire and brings me Max.  While I bathe Max, he gets Claire's pjs on.  When finished with Max, he puts on his pjs and I start rocking and reading/singing to Claire.  Then both of us sing our Fredrick Family song:
I love you, you love me, we're the Fredrick Family with a F.R.E.D.R.I.C.K, we love you more and more each day!! Then Justin does a remix and adds on!  Then they go in their cribs and we see them in the morning!

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