Friday, June 10, 2011

First trip to the pool!

Today was a big day for Max and Claire.  They had their first trip to the pool and did GREAT!!
Mom only had to work a half day so we loaded everything up and headed to my favorite place!  They looked so cute in their bathing suits, sunglasses and hats :)
My mom and Claire

The floats were a little big for them and it wasn't easy in the baby pool.  We took them over to the big pool so we could swing them around and do some floating and they loved it! I can't wait to go as a family!  

Thank goodness they had swim diapers on, because Miss Diva had a blowout.  We just started laughing! Have  you ever tried to take one of those off?!  A friend came up after the fact and said that the sides ripped easily - will try next time!  You can only imagine the mess it made! ha!

this little guy was tired and had a brief meltdown!
My favorite picture from today!

Time to hit the sack - busy day tomorrow.  We are going to Charlotte to meet the Fredricks!


  1. What a fun day! They are adorbs! And you look great girl! Love your swimsuit to.

  2. So fun! And girl, you look fabulous!!