Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Today is Justin's dad's birthday.  He is quite possibly one of the most patient, kind and selfless people I know.  Max and Claire love him dearly and wanted to send some love to the ATL!!  We are meeting them in Charlotte this weekend to celebrate Father's Day, His birthday, Aunt Darcy's bday and Uncle Jeff's bday!  We are really looking forward to seeing everyone :)

Max and Claire did great with the first night "arm free" in the swaddle.  We had to go in a few times to put the paci back in, but other than that, they did great AND slept until 7:40.  Max was fussing a little after 6, so I went to get him to snuggle with me while we waited on Claire. I thought for sure she would be up in the next few minutes.  Wrong...next thing I know, Max and I have fallen asleep and wake up to Claire talking!  YAY!  Let's see if they do it again tonight.
They need to be well rested for their 4 month well baby appointment in the am!  Justin can't go, but thankfully my good friend Brooke (she has 2yr old twins) is going with me.  shots :(

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  1. Oh my goodness, the transition from swaddled to not. I remember that time. I'm glad it's behind us. I loved when he slept all swaddled up, it was wonderful. Then he got smart and realized he didn't need to be, so struggled to free himself, and then he had "flailing arm symdrome" (I think I just made that up) but his arms would fly around uncontrolably while he was asleep and they would wake him up. It was brutal. I'm sure I'm not helping you here ... sorry 'bout that. Good luck, and I Hope you all get some sleep!!