Wednesday, June 8, 2011

4 Month Check up

Max and Claire had their 4 month check up (a little late) today.  They are doing great :)
Weight:  16.1 lbs  50th %
Length:  25.5 in.  a little over the 50th %
Head:  42 cm  25th % (have you seen his head?!, I was sure it was 100%!!)

Weight:  13 lbs  50th %
Length:  24.5 in.  50th %
Head:  40 cm  25%

Dr. Bates was very happy with their progress! 

They were super tired from their trip to the dr and took great afternoon naps - lets hope they sleep good through the night too!

After they went to bed I went for a short, 2 mile run before it got dark.  I am happy for any exercise I get in, but what i've been doing isn't helping me get ready for the Peachtree Road Race is less than a month! 

I baked again today.  I've missed it!  I made two new types of cookies:  fluffernutter and chocolate chip.  Only I didn't have the vanilla pudding for the cc cookie so I substituted white chocolate pudding.  They turned out pretty good!  Not a fan of the fluffernutter.

Tomorrow I'm taking the cookies and going to visit my nurses from the antenatal unit at the hospital.  I know this is weird, but I miss them. T hey were really good to us!

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