Monday, June 27, 2011

Max 5 Months

Can't believe our Max Man is 5 months!  You have been so busy lately.  This week you have been a rolling machine.  I even caught you rocking back and forth then sleeping on your side today.  Daddy caught you rolling over on your play mat and when you did, you put your arms on Claire bear like you were tackling her! We are going to have to keep our eyes out on you!

You smile ALL the time and are still the best snuggler!  I tell people you have to have your "coffee" before other people talk to you when you wake up.  I usually run your belly for a minute, talk to you softly then pick you up to snuggle before leaving the room or talking to you too much.  However, if you are already awake, your face just has a huge grin :) melt my heart!
You are:  wearing a size 2 diaper
wearing 6-9 month clothes
eating 7.5 oz, 5 times a day
you have tried rice cereal, peas and sweet potatoes and don't seem to like food yet
you sleep through the night (8pm-7:15am)
enjoy going for walks with Mommy

Your favorite toys right now are: sophie the giraffe, crinkle books, the exersauver and you still love the play mat :)

We love you little man!

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  1. I can't believe Max & Claire are already 5 months old! They are just as precious as ever.