Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Max and Claire get Baptized!

This past weekend was so special.  Max and Claire were baptized.  Our family and closest friends were there to help celebrate committing them to the Lord!  The service was great.  I was a nervous wreck going in to church and praying everything would go well.  It did!  Max and Claire were all smiles.
Claire wore her Aunt Darcy's baptism dress (bonnet was a little small!) and we bought Max a very simple bubble outfit.  They looked so precious!
We were happy Tim was able to do the Baptism.  He married us almost four years ago!

Claire with her Godmothers, Lindsey and Ashley.  Claire is so lucky to have these two women to be such wonderful role models in her life.

Claire with Aunt Darcy

Proud Grandmas!

We got two cakes, one for Max and one for Claire then I made some coconut cupcakes!  We also had some bagels, sausage and egg casserole and a beautiful fruit tray.  *side note(  The cleaning lady insisted on making the tray.  She drove 45 minutes just to bring the tray.  She is sooooooooooooo sweet!

so tired... will have to post and add on tomorrow. 

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