Thursday, June 2, 2011


I finally uploaded pictures to our computer and while doing so, realized I haven't posted any recent pics(in the last week).  I have quite a few!  I also have some tidbits for me..... hoping to actually put these "tidbits" in their baby book soon :)

Love his smile!
Claire's new summer bow!

It feels like ever since they hit 4 months, they have grown up.  In the past few days, Max has done exceptionally well on tummy time, grasping rings and holding on to it, laughing, and holding his head up! OH.. and how could I forget, he found his voice.  He has been talking and screaming up a storm!  talking is cute, screaming - not so much!

Claire blows bubbles non stop and makes lots of noises!  She has the strongest little legs.  When we practice sitting up with a strong head, she immediately goes to stand up - and does it quite well!

We bought a jumperoo thingy.  This is Max's first turn in it and he was a little unsure.  Claire does lots of twirls :)  This is not the one I wanted to buy, but the only one Target had.  I wanted the one that you can attach toys.  Oh well!

This just makes me laugh!!

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  1. I LOVE Max's face in that last pic! He looks terrified. LOL.

    They are just so sweet!