Monday, June 6, 2011


.....from swaddling!  Not one of us had a good night sleep last night.  Max and Claire have turned into Houdini and have not been staying in their swaddle.  Claire has outgrown the miracle blanket , which worked great, and no matter how tight, she can get out of the swaddle me.  She throws her feet up and down to loosen the Velcro!  Pretty smart girl if you ask me!!  Max is just big and strong.....he's the Max Man!  Anyways..
after going in to re-swaddle every 30 minutes last night, we have decided to not full swaddle anymore. 

They sleep so good when they are all wrapped up, but the time has come.  I read somewhere where the parent started by leaving one arm out, so that is what I did during nap time today.  It seemed to work pretty well.  We will see how tonight goes.  I know this Mommy and Daddy are exhausted!

SUper babies!

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