Sunday, June 5, 2011


LOVE.  I am so in love with Max and Claire :)  They are my world!

Last night I stumbled across a blog that was a family of four boys, a singleton and triplets.  Recently they just lost one of their triplets (he was 6 mo old) and I just bawled while reading their posts.  I just cannot imagine going through the pain of losing a child.  I kept going in their room to check on them and all day (and everyday) continued to tell them how much I love them.
Anyways... it just hit me hard and I've been praying for that family all day.

Max and Claire did not sleep well this weekend.  We had to go in every hour or so to put a paci back in or reswaddle.  They slept til 6, which is still good, but was interrupted.  This mommy and daddy are tired!  
This morning we went to Church.  It was so nice to go and they did great.  We scoped out the nursery for next time and I feel good about leaving them in there.  After church we met the Reaves at Mellow Mushroom for lunch.  We got a couple of looks bc there were two sets of twins! It was a very quick lunch - the Reaves boys were getting restless and M and C were hungry.  Food was delicious as always!

Look at those cheeks :) and chins!
We're looking forward to their 4 month check up on Wednesday.  I am interested to find out their percentiles!

my three loves :)

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