Saturday, July 9, 2011

4 wonderful years!

So,  I'm a few days late.  Justin and I just celebrated our four year anniversary! and his birthday!
We went out for a nice dinner at 1618.  We had a delicious scallop appetizer then for dinner I tried sea bass for the first time and Justin had ahi tuna.  Mine was ok.  The sea bass came out fried and I don't remember the menu saying that.  It was a little to buttery flavored for me.
the presentation was nice!

Justin's tuna

I can't believe how fast four years has gone by.  He truly is amazing and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband and father for our children.  We have so much fun and although the past five months have been a bit tiring, they have been five of the best months we have had together and, of course, as a family!

The end to an amazing day and fantastic reception :)  we danced til the end!  Justin stepped on part of my train and it ripped so we had to tie it up in a bow to keep it off the floor!

Here's to another amazing year!

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