Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Presentless birthday

Tomorrow is Justin's birthday and our four year anniversary.  I have been struggling to find a gift for both birthday and anniversary.  Just like most men, Justin buys things when he wants them, leaving nothing for me to buy.....not to mention I don't work anymore so I would be using his our money to buy his gift. (enter guilt) 
Then I looked up anniversary gifts online and for four years it says, fruit/flowers or appliances.  Well I can assure you I am not getting him fruit or flowers and there is not an appliance that boy needs or will use! 
Anywho... so yesterday instead of participating in our family run, I let him take the babies and I stayed home.  While he was gone, I mowed the grass- something he hates to do - and prepped ingredients to attempt make his favorite meal, veal parm.

It turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself!!
He was very thankful of the mowed yard as well! 
My parents are coming over tomorrow night so we can have an anniversary dinner and Justin's parents are stopping by Saturday and our watching the babies so we can go out again!

My wheels are turning for an anniversary gift.... any ideas?!

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  1. I'd say mowing the yard falls under the flower category! And I hear ya on the his/mine/our money guilt. I'm a SAH now but have worked since I was 14 so it feels very strange. Not strange enough to go back to work though! Ha!