Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bananas, Wild Woman and a Big Boy!

Today has been great.  Max and Claire took great naps and have been in a good mood all day.  Their first nap they woke up a little early so we took that time to walk to the cleaners and Earth Fare for some goodies.  It got up to 100 today so it was a good thing we got our walk in at 9:30 when it was only 84!
I was putting up some groceries and noticed an overripe banana and took this as an opportunity to make Max and Claire a little snack.  They LOVED it!  Max did the best I have seen him do :)After feeding them, Claire started "talking" like a wild woman!  It makes us laugh so hard when she does this. Sometimes she does this in her crib! ha!
Apparently, I need lessons on blogging.  I couldn't figure out how to upload the video here, so instead it is a separate postI need blogging help BAD!

I am so amazed every day at how big Max is!  He is growing up too fast!
look at those feet!

 They have also started this new thing of grabbing at my face.  When I lay them down for a nap or if we are rocking before bed, they either rub or grab at my face.  It's pretty cute until they grab my cheeks!  I thought adults were supposed to be the cheek pinchers!!  And they have been so smiley the past few days.... it melts my heart :)

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  1. Those are some feet! He's going to be a big boy!! My Riley has a similar vocabulary!!