Tuesday, July 19, 2011

billy goat

Apparently Claire is half billy goat! Today's outing was to Target and when I was getting them out of the car, I noticed Claire had something in her mouth - my target receipt!  Ooops! I accidentally left it in her car seat and she must have been hungry :)
 We are finding new toys to play with. 
This tissue paper kept Claire busy for a few minutes.  She loved the crinkle sound it made!
My silly boy with bunny on his head!  He is so sweet!

Justin took off yesterday so I took advantage of him being home and went up to the pool for some quiet mommy time!  Of course, the minute I got there the sun hid behind these big, grey clouds!  It finally started coming out towards the end.  It sure was nice to have some "me" time.  I wish we could win the lottery so Justin could be with us every day.  We went for a family run, went to Costco (got some yummy Mahi Mahi burgers), Justin did the yard, I went to the pool and Claire went grocery shopping with me.

The minute we walked through the sliding doors, her head went left.  That means she was VERY tired!  Anytime we see her go left, we know there is a good nap in store!!

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  1. Aaaah, pool time alone! Lucky you! Sounds like you really enjoyed the day with a little of this and that! Good work!