Sunday, July 17, 2011

Not too much to say except my babies are growing up WAY TO FAST!!  They will be 6 months on Friday! I CAN'T believe it..... It kind of makes me sad.  They have grown up so much in the past two weeks.  So I don't forget when I do their 6 month post... Claire has been grabbing her feet :), both have been paying a LOT more attention to one another, Claire has been lifting her bottom in the air and kind of bringing a knee up...makes me think she is thinking about crawling, Max has a tooth that has broken skin! and I made their first homemade baby food today - sweet potatoes - and they loved it!

I put them in the same crib when they both wake up really early from a nap.  I heard them giggling and came back in to find Max with Bunny on his head!  He always has one of his bunnies covering his head!! lol

Justin was out of town this weekend on a golf trip with some of his old college buddies so Max, Claire and I had some family spend the night.  Friday, my youngest cousins came in town and stayed with us.  They all had the best time :)
Max and Claire loved spending time with them!
My Mom spent the night last night and this morning..She was huge help :)  We always have a good time!  I need to add we had a delicious french toast breakfast at Cracker Barrel! YUM!

We are glad Justin is home and taking Monday off to spend with us! and give this mommy some much needed relaxation time at the pool :)

OH..... and tomorrow we find out what my Brother is having.... if I haven't said before, he and his fiance are having twins too!!

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