Sunday, July 24, 2011

Claire 6 months

Our beau-ti-ful Claire Bear is six months old!!  My baby girl is growing to fast.  I wish I could bottle her up.  I mean, look at those cheeks!!  Seriously, the prettiest girl EVER!!
Sleep:  Claire usually goes to bed at 8 and wakes up at 6:30 (sometimes earlier :(, sometimes later :)  )  I think her gums have been giving her a hard time, or maybe she has extra gas from starting solids.  We are working on dropping to three naps a day.  I am lucky to get two good naps from the bear.  Even if she wakes up early, she wakes up happy and content.  If she wakes up early, she usually does chores with me - lucky her :)  She is so sweet when she sleeps.  I swear she is double jointed!  If she is on her side, her left arm is tucked under her back! Weird!  She has just started rolling over to her stomach and will stay like that all night.  I am starting to get used to it, although it made me nervous at first.

Clothes:  Bear still wears her 3-6 month clothes....some are still too big :)  She has the tiniest feet!  I bought the cutest eyelet sandals for her that were 3-6 mo and they are still too big for her. She is in a size 2 diaper.

Food:  She is eating 6.5 oz 5x a day, but we are working on dropping a feeding and adding solids!  She is a pretty good eater.  So far her favorites are pears, peaches, peas, sweet potatoes, and carrots.  We tried prunes, but they were both very cranky that day so I haven't given them to them again.

she grabs her feet ALL the time!

Play time:  Claire loves play time!  Her favorite right now is the exersaucer!  She usually just puts all the toys in her mouth, and can stay occupied for quite a while!  She likes most toys, but really likes ones she can grab with her hands!  recently, i have started putting them on a large blanket instead of their play mat.  She seems to love it!! especially since she can roll back and forth easily!  She is not crawling, but can do a 360! and move backward.  Justin and I need to start baby proofing yesterday!!

Milestones:   Bear can roll over both ways and does so often!  She can sit supported and is working on sitting by herself.  She follows voices and you can usually find her with a smile on her face!  great grip on her toys and can switch hands.  She is our wild woman and shows us by doing her wild woman scream/babble.  She blows raspberries non stop.  

Cheers for an awesome first six months, healthy babies and more fun in the future!!!
Love her!

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