Sunday, July 24, 2011

Max 6 months!

not his best picture! I had just woken him up from his nap

My Max Man has gotten SO big!  Every time we go somewhere, people comment on how big he is.  I am really looking forward to our appointment on Aug. 3 so we can find out his percentage.
Sleep:  Max usually goes to bed around 8 and wakes up at 7.  He is now sleeping on his tummy.  We lay him down on his back at night, but he quickly flips.  Naps are pretty good.  He has been taking 4 naps a day, but we are in transition to 3.  One of my favorite things is when I go to check on him, I lean over the crib and he holds onto my hand or face and grips my hand so that I cannot leave!  He is the sweetest baby :)  We have recently been letting them sleep with their lovies.  We have like eight of them!!  I call them all bunny.  He likes to cuddle it or put it over his face.  It usually makes him start laughing though!

Clothes:  Most shorts are 9 months and shirts are closer to12 months.  He is really long, so 12 month pjs work best!  We just started our first box of size 3 diapers.

Food:  Right now he is eating 7.5 oz 5x a day, but we are working on dropping a feeding and adding solids!
so far he likes pears, sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas.  We have just started eating regularly and he does good most of the time

Play time:  Max's favorite activity is the exersaucer.  He goes to town jumping and playing with the toys on there.  They have almost outgrown the play mat.  I still put them on it in the mornings, but it doesn't last long.  We usually just put them on a blanket.  We also walk almost every day.  All three of us like getting some fresh air :)  I usually put in an einstein video once a day so I can pump.  Somehow, the kid already loves tv.  I have caught him laughing at the cartoons already!


Max is able to roll over both ways and does so every chance he gets!  Not quite crawling, but moves backwards!  We are working on sitting.  He can sit well with support and for a few seconds by himself.  He follows us (especially me) by voice and when we walk in or out of the room.  His first tooth is coming in!  We are trying to eat baby food for breakfast and dinner, or twice a day.  He has his own form of talking.  He reaches for, and can usually get toys that are out of reach.

This big boy is so much fun!  Love to watch him and his sister together.  They are really starting to interact :)

Time to start planning their first birthday ;)

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