Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Convertible Car seats and activitites

I need help!  We are hoping to buy convertible car seats by the end of this week.  Max looks so uncomfortable in his current one and convertible car seats are 20% off at Babies R Us until the 25th.
I've been looking at the Britax Marathon  Obviously, I want what is the safest for our babies, BUT is the Marathon that much better or more safe than the Graco My Ride 65? 
What do you have? thoughts?

Also, I need some new activities to do with Max and Claire.  We take daily walks, play on the floor, practice sitting, read, baby einstein, exersaucers....but I think they are getting bored.  I have introduced some more toys, but how long is that going to last?! 

don't worry, we were parked!


  1. We have Britax Boulevards. I've only has good experiences with Britax products....

    I hear you on the baby boredom. I take mine out for errands often just to avoid the boredom. And when I'm at a real loss, I resort to baby DVDs.

  2. I had similar anxiety when purchasing my car seat and spoke with some firemen about it and a local hayride place. They all said all car seats have to meet safety standards so getting an expensive one doesn't necessarily mean it's any better.

  3. Most of my kids just liked getting out of the house at that age. They would also get bored at home--they're so demanding. And they loved our outside baby swing and the sandbox, though they would sometimes eat sand. Good luck!

  4. We used the Britax for our boys and will probably by a 2nd one for the girls. There are some extra features that I like. Silly ones that, yes, you could certainly get away with not having but it was nice to have. With two, we need all the short-cuts we can get!

    I've got two constant sources on entertainment for the girls (older brothers) Do you have any neighborhood children or young family members around that could visit occasionally? Not even to necessarily "play" with the twins but give them something to be mesmerized by!