Monday, August 15, 2011

Ok, back to Jersey now that I am awake!  First, I have to mention how calm and beautiful this shore is!  Living in NC, I grew up going to the NC/SC beaches, but there is something different about the beach in NJ.  There are so many beautiful houses and bed and breakfast.  You will not see Marriots, Hiltons, ect (at least where we were).  People are out bright and early, riding bikes, running, or simply taking a stroll on the beach.  The smell of local bakeries is divine!

This was Max and Claire's second beach trip, but first time actually sitting in sand and toes in water!

Max and Grandpa

 Sleepy girl!

 Wednesday, everyone got up early to take family pictures on the beach!  There are so many wonderful pictures, I've narrowed down to some of my favorites!

The whole gang 
 Max and Claire with their beloved Aunt Darcy

We did the fun jumping pictures.  I was off in every picture!  Either jumping to soon or looking like a bear!  They were so much fun!

Hopefully going to LBI will be a new family tradition.


  1. awww these pictures made me smile...and then laugh out loud when I saw your jumping picture!!

  2. It is funny because I grew up in PA near the NJ shore and had grandparents with a beach house in NC. My perspective is probably the complete opposite of yours where the NJ shore is packed with people and NC is serene.

    I guess it just depends where you go to the beach in those states!