Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I thought I was losing it!

Today was weird!  It all started this morning after Justin had left for work.  Let me preface by saying I hate to be alone late at night or early morning when it is dark.  Around six I was hearing noises and was afraid to get out of bed..... finally got over it and went on with my day.
About 2:00, I thought our house was shaking.  I mean....was I losing it?  I was pumping, sitting on my perch (that's what I call where I sit on the couch to pump!)  I quickly unhooked and went to the kitchen where I heard noises in our butler's pantry.  I thought there was a rat or something in there making my dishes rattle! lol, then I went to check outside to see if something had crashed.... little did I know it was tremmors from a 5.8 earthquake in Va!
I called Justin at work to tell him the house was shaking just in case something happened.  He thought I was nuts!  It wasn't but two minutes later that I was on Facebook and realized what had happened!

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  1. Hi Kelly! It was a crazy day for sure! I thought that I was going crazy when the tremmors hit! So awesome to find people so close to you blog land! Its nice to meet you and your sweet little family!