Saturday, August 27, 2011

Max 7 months

Dear Max, Max Man, Buds, Little Buddy.......
You are such a big boy now!  You are learning and take in so much every day!  You are the sweetest baby ever.  I love that you like to cuddle.  We call it "winning" when you lay your head on our chest.  Daddy wins more than I do :( but I cherish every single moment that I win!  If you are fussing in your crib, I lean my head in to give you a kiss and you reach your hands up to feel my face and usually pull my hair.  So sweet!  Recently you have been quite the hair puller and it hurts.  You can Claire both like to touch and and grab at my necklace.  You smile all the time and always look at your sister and smile (she is finally smiling back at you!)  I just know you are going to be the best brother!
You have mastered rolling both ways and do it all the time.  Just recently you have gotten on all fours and are rocking....just a matter of time until you crawl.  I want it so bad for you, but I don't know that we are ready for you to be crawling!  You love the exersaucer and you and Claire will just look at each other, start jumping and laughing. It's the best.  You guys have just recently really started paying attention to each other.  It makes us so happy when you do.  It's the sweetest!
You're a good sleeper - probably a better napper.  You have been waking up at 6 am.... what happened to the 7:15 you used to give us?  Please bring it back!  You eat four times a day.  It took us a while to get on this schedule, but now it works great for us. You love all the solid foods you have tried and have just been introduced to yogurt melts and puffs.... another hit!
You are wearing a size 3 diaper and most of your clothes are 9-12 months!  You have two bottom teeth and got them around 5 and a half months.


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  2. He's a doll! I so agree about the crawling thing, both the girls are rocking and I'm not READY!!! Are you doing a gated area or blocking off an area in your house? I can't decide. I don't want them to be excluded from the boys but I can't imagine what I'll do when I've got two on the loose!