Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How not to make cake balls!

Sunday night I had the great idea to make cake balls with my sister in law.  After having a delicious one this weekend made by a friend, I thought we'd give it a shot.  We decided on strawberry with vanilla icing.
Part I went great.
Make cake, then crumble and mix with icing.

side note:  since these are FULL of fat, I decided to try an old weight watcher trick - add diet sprite instead of butter/oil and eggs.  It still taste delicious and the only complaint I used to get when making it that way, was that it crumbled...i was doing that to it anyway so I thought what the heck!

Next roll into balls and freeze for an hour

After an hour put lollipop sticks in and put back in freezer - we did overnight

Here's where it went bad and NOT to follow!
Melt chocolate (use a bakers chocolate) then dip balls in and return to parchment paper
This is supposed to look shiny - not clumpy!  I think we melted to long and then did the biggest no no by adding some milk to thin it.  OOPS!!

these two were actually done before we clumped it too bad!

I will definitely give it another try.  They still tasted delicious :)  I'm thinking of trying some fun ones for Halloween :)


  1. That's funny people complained it was crumbly- I love making cake like that because it's so moist!

    And I love your flavor choices for your cakeballs. ;)

  2. I've always wanted to make cake balls!

  3. Well they look good to me, I want some!!! I've never made cake balls, and I've never heard about the sprite trick, very cool!

  4. I made these for Easter and they were a big hit! I bought candy coating at the arts and crafts store, like a Jo Ann Fabrics or something. Plop it in the microwave and waalaa! Easy peasy! Although we though the cake balls minus the frosting were just as good!

  5. OOOO You made them sound so much worst Monday night! I think they look great and I am totally going to try these!!!