Thursday, October 27, 2011

9 Months

Another month has flown by!  I think the past month has brought the most changes!  They are so busy and curious ALL.THE.TIME!  Just when I think things are getting easier, BAM, they start crawling!  It's funny...  Before they could sit, I would always say how easier it would be if they were sitting.  But once they started sitting on their own, they started doing it in the middle of the night :) and wanting to play.  That lasted about a week.
They are both crawling.  Claire does the traditional crawl and Max does a reach and pull.  And they typically go in different directions :)

They eat three meals a day along with four bottles.  I am still pumping.  I am hanging on to every single ounce I can get.  It's pretty ridiculous.  After having mastitis and losing most of my supply, I will pump for 30 minutes and barely get four ounces total.  Last night I decided to pump for an hour ( I was watching TV and playing on the computer anyway) and I actually got 7 ounces.  Who has time to pump for an hour?  Not me!
My second goal was making it to nine months but I'm not ready to quit.  I teared up the other night when I dropped a pump.  We will see how long this will last.  I have a feeling I am drying up.
Yesterday at their dr appt, the nurse hooked us up with five cans of formula then called me today to tell me the enfamil rep came and she is saving me a whole case!!  She rocks!! I'm making cookies to take her on Monday. That is huge savings :)

My loves :)

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