Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Peek A Boo!

Max's new favorite thing to do is play peek a boo while we are on walks!  It is the cutest.thing.ever!
And, I think he learned it from Baby Einstein's First Moves DVD!  We play peek a boo at home, but (I wouldn't) think enough for him to do this!!  He mimics everything.... hoping he will pick up the sign language video I just bought!

We also had our 9 month well baby appointment today.
Dr. Bates was very pleased with both of them.

20 lbs 15 oz  50th %
29.5 in  90th %
44 cm (head) 25th %

18 lbs 4 oz  25th %
27.75 in  50th %
42.5 cm 50th %

They are growing up way to fast!  Both are starting to feel better and I'm hoping to do their 9 month post before the weekend!

Oh... we had Mother's Morning Out today.  All three of us LOVE it!  Their teachers are wonderful and they have so much fun.  They don't even notice when I leave!  I have to find a way for them to go twice a week.  I think I'm gonna sell some of our old (designer) jeans on EBAY to start a twice a week fund!!  Today I was able to go to Target, get gas, run, mow the front yard, start dinner, laundry, make cookies for their teacher, go to bank and run by Foot Locker to get sized for some new Nike's - all before 1!!  And picking them up with huge smiles makes my day :)

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  1. That IS super cute and they are getting SUPER big!! Worked on the 1 year invitations today...