Monday, October 10, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Max and Claire are as busy as can be!  Justin and I still haven't finished baby proofing.  I'm  hoping to get some done tonight.  First in order is to lower the cribs.  We've been talking about that for a few weeks, but it really is a  must do now!
Claire, so curious!

Thankfully my Mom put a bumper around our fire place, now I just need to put up cords (computer, phone, pump, etc) and some last minute things in the play room.  They really need a room that is 100% safe.  Max gets really mad when he is on the move and I have to pick him up and turn him around.  
His new thing is pushing a ball, or something that rolls, and going to catch it! 

I tried to do a photo shoot since I haven't done one in a while, but they just want to move - sitting still is not an option!
"I don't want to sit still!"
and he's off!
baby girl in her new winter hat!

Other randoms:
I signed them up for a Mother's Morning Out!  We all need it!  I am really excited.  They will go on Wednesdays 9-1 and have music class, walks, swing outside and the opportunity to play with other kids their age AND I get to relax, shop, workout, get my nails done, etc.... :) Win/Win!

I am working hard to get my bm supply back.  This morning I actually got 3 oz! (even though at lunch I only got 1.5)  I am taking Fenugreek again and I think it is starting to help.  

My 30th birthday is Wednesday!!! I'm so excited!  Justin has been planning a party for a while.  It was supposed to be a surprise, but he told me.  I am looking forward to Saturday night to celebrate :)


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