Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby bangs

Wish I were talking about Claire having cute baby bangs....but I'm talking about my new hair growth.  I now have baby bangs (takes me back to middle school  - scary!) and some new hair around my ears. What? Why? Not a fan.  Really noticed it while I was getting my cut and color today.  Which by the way, I got cut a few inches shorter!  I always feel so much better after getting my hair done.  It's fresh!
Mom watched the babes while I was gone and I was lucky to sneak a few minutes of cuddle time with the Bear when she woke up.
yes, I need to work on my self portraits :) but you can see the fresh color!

We had another beautiful day today so we headed to the park with Mom.  Max was able to wear his new shoes!  They are so stinking cute.  I am pretty sure they are summer shoes, but I don't care ;)
The Max Man


  1. I had my hair done yesterday too and totally agree on how good it feels!

  2. They are so cute. My baby bangs have started growing in as well-ugh! But I am thankful that the shedding has stopped. Max and Claire are adorable! I am so glad you commented on my blog I love finding other twin mommas! I notice your profile says you live in Greensboro-that is where I grew up and my parents are still there-small world!