Sunday, October 30, 2011

Claire 9 Months

Oh, Claire!  What have you been up to?
Your biggest accomplishment this month is CRAWLING!!!  Just a few days of turning nine months, you started crawling.  You look so cute when you are on the move!  The best is when you see me walk in the room and you start crawling towards me.  It melts my heart :)  You and Max have done a better job playing with each other.  When I leave you in your play yard together, I can hear you from the kitchen just giggling away at each other.  Sometimes you steal each others toys and I hear the opposite!  You are starting to pay attention when we read books and love the peek a boo books!!
You still smile all the time and are such a good girl.  You started going to "school" once a week and LOVE it! Your teachers always brag how good you are.  Makes me a proud Mom.  I'm thinking after Christmas we will let you go twice a week!
We lowered your crib bc you have been pulling up on any and everything.  Most mornings when I come get you, you are on your knees holding onto the crib rails!
You are a fabulous eater!  We have started eating a lot more finger food.  You are a fast eater and sometimes you don't take the time to swallow...most noticeable with peas ;)  You tried spaghetti o's this week and love them!  You have 4 bottles a day along with breakfast, lunch and dinner.
You talk a lot!! It's still mostly dadadada, but recently I have heard a few yayaya and nanana.
You are still a good sleeper and have been doing much better with naps.  Bedtime is around 7:15 and you sleep til 6:30.  I think you would sleep longer if your brother would let you!
Bath time is your favorite time of day.  You and Max make the biggest splashes and laugh and talk the entire time!  Getting changed is your least favorite thing to do.  Especially night time.  It is a struggle to get your diapers on.
You wear 6-12 month clothes and your pjs are 9 months and a size 3 diaper.  You don't like to wear bows.  Sometimes I can sneak it on and it takes you awhile to notice.  I wish you would keep it on bc you look so darn cute!
Love those sweet cheeks!

*first ear infection and cold on 10/23


  1. Oh what a beautiful girl! I love the picture where she's pulling off that bow. And I'm amazed by her sleeping. That's fabulous!

  2. Claire Bear and Max Man are growing sooo fast. It seems that everything is happening all at once - sitting up, crawling, eating finger foods. They are surely the loves of my life! xxxxxooooo