Sunday, October 30, 2011

Max 9 Months

My Buds!  You (and Claire) have made the past nine months so special for Daddy and me.  You have been busy exploring this month.  Your Grandmother thinks you are going to be an engineer!  You are curious and study every little thing.  You are so smart.  Recently you learned Peek a Boo!  You are so proud of yourself and laugh every time we play.  You wave - backwards and I love it.  We usually watch Baby Einstein in the mornings and I think you are learning from their moves....which is why I just bought a sign language video in hopes you will learn to tell us what you want - instead of whining!  You love to play with balls.  It's the cutest when you crawl (with a ball in hand) to the hardwoods and then push and catch it!
You have the best smile and I think your cheeks are the most perfect thing in the world.  You are still our little snuggler.  Your sleep patterns have not gotten any better.  I can't seem to pin down the problem.  You wake up b/t 4:45-5:15 almost every morning.  We started bringing you in our room so you wouldn't wake up Claire, but decided that it wasn't a good idea....So, now if you wake up before 6, you still have to stay in your crib.  Luckily Claire is a good sleeper and sleeps through your whining and crying.  We don't like to do it, but I don't want you to get in the habit of waking up early just to get in our bed :) (truthfully, I love your snuggles in our bed)
You are a super fast crawler, although it is not the traditional crawl.  You still reach and pull.  You could crawl  if you wanted to, but you are so fast your way you always take a few crawls and go back to your stomach.
You love going to school once a week.  They say you are a big fan of music class. I  really want to look in one day so I can see all the fun you have.  Hopefully we can work it out so you can go twice a week!
You say dadadada all day long and in all different sounds.  Sometimes really loud, sometimes drawn out and sometimes in the sweetest, soft voice :)
Bath time is your favorite.  You and Claire splash and laugh the whole time.  You don't like getting your pjs or diaper changed.  That is a new challenge. You want to be on the move at all times.
You have four bottles a day and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You are a very good eater and are so good using your pincer grasp!  You get frustrated with slippery foods. And you have the messiest cutest routine.  Once you pick up your food, you put it on the table (not your tray) or the cup holder on your tray, then pick it back up to eat.  I've also noticed you dropping food on the floor.  If Coltrane was still here, he would love mealtimes with you!
You wear size 3 diapers and most of your clothes are 12 months.

*first ear infection and cold 10/23/2011


  1. He is just adorable! I think those cheeks are the most perfect thing too. :)

  2. Max has the most endearing smile. I am glad to hear that he loves music time at school. I also don't blame him for not crawling the traditional way, it's got to be hard on the knees!
    Max and Claire bring us much joy!