Thursday, October 6, 2011

Little Red Wagon

Today was a Beau-ti-ful day!  I'm feeling much better (still sore, but no more fever) and needed to get out of the house.  We put up a swing about a month ago and haven't been on it much.  There was no reason not to today!  Even though it is barely a few steps to the swing, I dusted off the wagon and loaded up.  (I must add I had to kill two spiders shiver and get three stink bugs out)

They had the best time.  We made a few trips up and down the driveway after swinging and playing with our next door neighbor's dogs.
They love dogs.  Speaking of which... we went to my Aunt's house tonight to have dinner with my cousin who is home for a fall break from Ole Miss.  Ann made the best meatloaf, mash potatoes and asparagus. I'm still full!  It was great to see Hannah, aka, Hans and BCF.  But even better to see Max laugh hysterical at the dogs!  I've heard Claire laugh like that  before, but not Max Man.  It was probably one of the best noises I've ever heard!  I need to get it off of Justin's phone.  It's the best!
Max with Great Aunt Ann and calm Lilly

Busy weekend coming up.... starting with getting my hair did tomorrow! short???

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