Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkins, Weddings and Ear Infections... Oh MY!

We had a super busy weekend.  Friday, Mom and I took Max and Claire to a local church pumpkin patch to take some pictures.  It was crazy.  Claire tried/did eat sticks, leaves and acorns and Max wasn't feeling well and fussed 95% of the time.  We will go back to get more pictures when they are in a good mood.
My two lil pumpkins!
getting an acorn out of her mouth!
she loved the pumpkins! and is loving standing holding on to something!
*side note~ I had no idea how expensive pumpkins were outside of the grocery store.  Right now Harris Teeter, our local grocery store has huge pumpkins 4/$9.  I left with a very small pumpkin and a pie pumpkin for $7.  I would have loved to get one of their largest, but wasn't going to pay over $30 for a pumpkin that was going to rot on our front porch!

Saturday I had a baby shower and a wedding to go to!  I could almost cry bc I forgot to take my camera to both of them!  I was only able to stay at the shower for 45 min bc I had to get back and get ready for the wedding that was out of town (40 min. away). 
The wedding was AMAZING!  The venue was beautiful, food was amazing (filet and crab cake), music and dancing were a ton of fun and the bride and groom looked like a million bucks!

My in-laws had come in town to visit and babysit Max and Claire.  We had planned on going to the Farmer's Market with them to do more pumpkin pictures but we ended up at the doctor's office instead.  Claire woke up looking awful (puffy, red eyes, runny nose, slight fever) and you could just tell Max still felt bad.  Turns out both have an ear infection.  I hate seeing them feel so bad.  Hoping the medicine kicks in and they feel better soon!
They turned 9 months on Saturday and I am putting off their photo shoot until they get better and are smiley again ;)

I need a nap!


  1. You need to go to Rudd Farm. It is a pumpkin patch with great pumpkins and prices!!! Along with other fruits and vegetables. The address is:
    4021 Hicone Road, Greensboro, NC 27405 ·

    and they have a facebook page!

  2. Such cuties!!! Pumpkins are sooo expensive this year. We found ours at Harris Teetert too!