Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gearing up

Today Max and Claire were geared up for fall!  They had on their matching Puma track suits!  They looked so cute.  I had a hard time getting a good picture bc Max is still feeling bad and Claire just wants to be on the move!
We were up.all.night. Max wasn't sleeping and Claire decided to have a party in her crib around 2!  I was rocking Max and she sat up on her knees and held on to the crib bars laughing :)  It was hard for me not to laugh back bc she looked so cute!  I maybe had one consecutive hour of sleep.
After waking from an early nap, we headed to Costco to get Claire a Halloween costume.
they love riding in the cart together!
The greeter/counter guy spoke to them as we walked in and Max started wailing!   The guy was African American and VERY tall and super sweet.  I was so embarrassed!  I just told the guy Max was sleepy and didn't feel well.  Anyways, we left with a cow costume.  Can't wait to take pictures!

After their afternoon nap we headed to the park for a run.  I haven't had a good run since last Thursday.  Monday I thought I was getting Mastitis again so running was not an option!
The weather was perfect for a good run!
And how is it already the end of October?  I love fall and one of my favorite things is the changing of the leaves.  It looks as though most have changed and are falling off :( I really wanted to do outside pics of Max and Claire with all the beautiful colors.
I promise she doesn't hate me!!

This weekend we are planning on going to go to the pumpkin patch with both sets of grandparents!  I want to do pictures in their costumes and pictures in Halloween shirts!

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  1. Love your kiddo photos. I bet that cow costume will be so cute. :) I'm hoping to get some pictures of my kids in the leaves today. Yes, October's flying for me too. May you get at least two consecutive hours of sleep this week. :)