Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who needs Pledge when you have Max!?

Big things going on in our house!!  We have two crawlers and a duster!  Max's new favorite thing is pushing a ball under the table then chasing after it.... not realizing he is dusting in the process!  He has done this the past few mornings and it makes me laugh every time!

Claire has been rocking and rolling for a while now and out of nowhere, she decided she was ready and took off!!  I am so proud of her!  -  a lot more work for me, but a big accomplishment for her!
Max has been crawling for a few weeks, only he does a reach and pull, not your traditional crawl.  Both are getting fast and going in different directions!

They had Mother's Morning Out today.  I got so much done!  I cleaned, laundry, ran errands, tried to shop, and pumped before picking them up.  When I got there they said Max was really tired - and boy was he!  You could tell by his eyes and he started crying when I got there....then Claire started!  They have been sympathy crying lately.  Max was asleep before we left the parking lot.  I put them both down after arriving home and they slept for almost two hours.  Max was burning up when I picked him up.  I took his temp and he had a fever of 100.4.  Poor guy!  Hopefully he will sleep it off (along with the Tylenol) and feel better tomorrow.

Loving the stage we are in right now.  They are so much fun!

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