Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's 11:15

So, it's 11:15 and I have decided not to pump.  Just got in from a girls night and decided to blog and go to bed.  I think I'm finally over pumping for 30+ minutes just to get four ounces total of bm - five if I'm lucky! I'm done..... well, kind of.  I'll pump tomorrow morning.  That's ok, right?!  I feel so guilty, but I'm so tired.  Almost ten months is along time -  I should be ok with this decision, right?

One of the girls tonight said she pumps for 15 minutes and gets 30 oz.... ??? what??  that's what i used to get in one day!!?!  Craziness!

Took some pics today and hopefully I can upload tomorrow.

Happy Friday :)


  1. I think it's amazing you made it so long!! My supply was not good and I found it so frustrating that I gave up at 4 months.

  2. Well......... you know I think you are awesome and I am so impressed!!! You get on with your bad self (I had to say that because my male boss just said that to me hahaha) The only thing bad about quitting is the dreaded comes back with vengeance.

  3. Great job. There is just a point where the results don't justify the means. You have done great! I quite in the last few weeks and have had no regrets.

  4. 30 oz in 15 min, that is redick! I hope she shares some of that wealth with a milk bank. 10 months is awesome, I'm only on 3.5 months and just setting short 3 month goals. It's definatly a second job sometimes.

  5. Oh the guilt! Get rid of it! You have done AMAZING!!! Be proud of yourself not guilty!!