Friday, December 23, 2011

11 Months

I cannot believe Max and Claire are already 11 months!  December went by way too fast... I didn't even realize yesterday was the 22nd, so we did our monthly pictures today.  This was probably the hardest photo shoot to date.  They are constantly moving~and in different directions.  This Mama is tired!  I feel like I can't baby proof enough.  Claire has found this corner in the kitchen where I stand to cook and make their bottles and all the crumbs drop.  We call it the crumb corner.  She goes straight for it, lays flat on her tummy and starts searching.  Max has learned how to open the cabinets.  Kitchen is dangerous!  Justin and his Dad are going to work on securing the cabinets tomorrow.
They like to climb on the fire place, and do NOT listen when told to get down.  We are working on following directions!
They have quite the personalities now and definitely show their emotions.  Both are quick to have a meltdown if you take something away or point them in a different direction.  Diaper changing, getting dressed and washing hair in the bathtub are the toughest for me - It's like wrestling an alligator!
Claire is our wild child.  This girl has no fear!  We call her our gangsta!  Full of attitude.  Just when she's pushed me to the limit, she'll flash her beautiful smile and blow me a kiss :) Melts my heart!
Max is still my snuggle bug.  He gives the best hugs and has the sweetest little voice.
They spend most of the day at or around this table.  Claire loves to circle it and go back and forth b/t the table and couch.  Max loves to play peekaboo. He puts his hands on the edge and lowers himself, then you have to say "where's Max" like three times and he pops back up!  He gets the biggest grin when he does that and gets an applaud!

I stopped pumping the week after they turned 10 months.  I had a few days of guilt- aside from that, things are great.  They still get four bottles and three meals a day.  We have also dropped the third nap, causing difficult afternoons!  For the most part they are sleeping much better. They usually go to bed around 7/7:15 and wake up around 6.

That's it for now! I'm exhausted and wanted to get this done before Christmas so I don't get too far behind! Individual post will probably be next weekend.

*Just realized I never did their individual post: stats include:
12-18 mo clothes
size 4 diaper
5 teeth and I think a 6th on the way
favorite foods: bananas, blueberry pancakes, avocado, and cheese sandwich
Loves bath time anything that has to do with music!

9-12 month clothes
size 3 diaper
3 teeth and a 4th on the way
favorite foods:  bananas, blueberry pancakes, avocado, peas....loves all food!
Loves bath time, dancing to music, cruising the coffee table and sofa
Mama's girl!

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