Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas times a comin'

Can you believe Christmas is less than a month away?!  I'm so excited.  I absolutely love this time of year!  We decorated this past weekend.  It is a bit different from the past, but still perfect for us.  We used to have one real tree and one fake.  The real tree was our color tree with fun ornaments and the white one was fake with my nice ornaments.  This year we decided to save money and just do the fake tree.... not to mention the chaos two trees would bring with two crawlers!
I did put color lights on this fake plant!  Big color lights make me happy :)
They are super fast now and if I look away for a second, they are at the tree - especially Max!  Today I was able to wrap a few while they were napping.  Still trying to decide what Santa is bringing.  What's on your list?!
Max has been so good the past few days.  What a nice change it has been.  I love this sweet, smiling baby!
Baby girl has been a pistol!  She has learned how to blow kisses and we are working on "hi five".  She is cruising all over the furniture and claps for herself often!!  She also has a "mean" face that is so cute, but not something I want her doing! I am pretty sure she got it from me.  :( I'm trying hard not to smile and encourage her when she makes the face.
We got Christmas pictures done the other day and she had quite a few of those faces in the picture.  We had a great photographer and got lots of good photos.  Unfortunately, I don't love the ones of them together.  The ones of them individually are great.... so now I am debating what to do for their xmas cards.  Here are two sneak peaks.
This was the result of me taking away an ornament he was chewing on!  Such a mean mom!
This was the best of the two of them, but I don't love Claire in that dress.  I just did a rush order for leg warmers from Etsy.  I was thinking having them in white onesies with cute leg warmers was more my style?!

In other news, Max has started pulling up all the time and just the other day started cruising with Claire.  Their favorite thing to do is reach their arms up when I say, " How big is Max/Claire?  So BIG!!"  It's so cute!!

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  1. Re your comment on my Christmas card post.... I had to use separate photos because I didn't have one usable photo of them together. Their onesies/leg warmers are also from Etsy. Taking photos of twins is NOT easy lol.