Sunday, December 4, 2011

TWO sets of twins in one year!

Don't's not me!  In less than an year my parents have four grand children - two sets of twins!  My brother and his wife had their twins last Tuesday!  They had two girls, Landyn and Brooke!  Kasey had them at 38 weeks with no complications!!!  Landyn was 4lbs 10oz and Brooke was 6lbs 15oz!  They are all doing well and super cute.  I hate they live 4.5 hours away and I can't see them more often.
Grand Parents and Aunts patiently waiting to see the new babies!  We got there a little after 7am and had to wait in this area until after 3 to see the babies!  Worth the wait!
Brooke and sleepy Aunt Kelly!

I'm so excited for Max and Claire to have cousins close in age.  Holidays and summer should be crazy and fun!

**Also, if you could say a quick prayer for one of my best friends.  She had her baby boy yesterday (due date was Feb.5th)  Both are doing well, but at 30 weeks, 6 days, he will need some nicu time.


  1. Love the names, so cute! How fun for your parents, two sets of twin-grandchildren. Yeah, your summers and holidays are going to be fun!

    Praying for your friend and her early arrival wee one!!

  2. That's so special to have two sets of twins born in the same year in the family! Max has a lot of tea parties in his future with his sister and cousins ;)