Thursday, December 1, 2011

Max 10 Months

The past month has by far been the hardest on Mommy!  You have had an ear infection, a cold that won't go away, teething, time change, travel, etc.....  You have not been sleeping the best, but I think we are moving in a better direction.  Right now you go to bed around 7:15 and if we're lucky, you sleep until 6.   You usually take two good naps a day.

This month you have also gotten cuter (if that's possible!).  You now do the traditional crawl, can pull up and stand for a while, put your hands in the air and do "so Big", wave, play peek a boo and you love to "bounce" when you hear music!  I'm thinking  music toys from Santa or for your birthday!

You are a big talker, mainly saying "dada" and "baba"  there are some "mama" in there too!  You still love to play with balls.  It's the cutest when you have one in each hand and clap them together.  You even know how to throw them :)

You have become a finicky eater.  You used to eat everything, but now you are very cautious about what you eat.  You are not a fan of peas unless it is pureed.  Really, you eat anything pureed and are just picky about textures in finger food.  You do pretty well with fruit and you LOVE anything with bread, cheese, or your blueberry pancake!  You have five teeth and I think another is on the way!!

You still love to snuggle and are very sensitive.  You are not a happy camper if we tell you "no" or have to take something away from you.  In fact, you have had a mini tantrum that is NOT cute.  You are very smart.  You can also spot something teeny tiny on the floor from very far away and then you are on a mission to pick it up.  You have an amazing pincer grasp and we think it is so cute to watch you pick things up!

You wear size 3 diaper and 12 month or 12-18 month clothes.

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