Monday, January 2, 2012

Claire 11 Months

I'm still having a hard time believing Claire and Max are 11 months old! (a little late on individual post).  I am amazed at things they can do!!
For Christmas Claire got a baby stroller and after one time showing her how to walk/push with it, she is a pro!  We must have circled the inside of the house 10 times the first hour she started playing with it!  We are working on backing up now :).  As fearless as she is, I'm surprised she hasn't tried any steps on her own.  I am excited for her to reach the next milestone, yet I don't think I'm quite ready to have walkers!!
Claire loves to blow kisses and make the "muah" sound that goes with it. Her teachers at Mother's Morning out says she blows kisses to people as they walk past their door!  She's a little shy at handing out real kisses.  Every once in a while she'll give me one, but never two in a row.  She kisses her baby or will kiss your hand.
She claps her hands all the time, mostly for herself!! ha!  She waves bye bye and her newest favorite thing to do is play peek a boo!  Her and Max will take turns.  They usually do it in their cribs or around our coffee table.  She loves music!  Whenever she hears music or we sing, she starts swaying or bobbing her head!  She loves to sing "If your happy and you know it" and claps hands appropriately.
Claire loves her "bunny".  It's actually a giraffe, but she has like seven lovies and most are bunnies so we just started calling it bunny too.  She is always sleeping with it.  Claire moves around the crib and bunny goes wherever Claire goes!  I try to keep it in the crib only.  Sometimes in the mornings she hangs on to it until she has fully waken up.
Claire still has four bottles and three meals a day.  I think our third bottle is going to turn into a snack and be taken out of a sippy cup.  She is a great eater!!  Eats anything and everything that is put in front of her or that she finds on the floor!  I have been trying more meats and so far, so good!  We  need to work on slowing down while eating.  She double fist the food and takes turns shoving in her mouth....which is funny to watch bc Max has been great with his pincers for months and only eats one bite at a time!
Claire has four teeth.  The top two are slowly making their way in.
Claire can show us what she wants.  She has pointed a few times and she makes this puppy dog whine along with a smile when she wants more or wants what you have.  I have been a slacker with our sign language video and signing to them.... need to get back in that groove.
She is still a Mama's girl.  She rarely will go to someone else if I'm in the room.  Tonight we were at a friends watching football and she stayed on or around my lap for at least 30 minutes before she would play with the other kids.
Claire is a pretty good sleeper.  Always wakes up happy.  Bedtime is usually 7/7:30 and she wakes up around 6:30. I  think she would sleep longer if Max did.  Still take two naps a day - usually 1.5 hrs each.

Size 3 diapers
6-12 mo clothes
Size 3 shoe

Countdown to the first birthday!!

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  1. Oh, every time love, EVERY time. Every time I see those gorgeous babes my heart drools and my ovaries flutter. You have the most beautiful family, lady!! Cannot believe those darlings are already 11 months!! xoxoxo!!