Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Max 11 Months

Our big boy is 11 months!  Max is still the sweetest, most cuddly baby (can't believe he will only be a baby for one more month :( )  He has the best smile and flashes it all the time.  He can be sensitive too.  I know he is tougher than he lets on.  If he and Claire are playing in the crib together - it's all laughs.  I will hear their heads bumping each other or on the crib and it still results in lots of laughs!... but if he falls or barely bumps his head or something else in front of us, he whines or cries.... We're working on that!
Buds loves to dance and listen to music.  If he is crawling, he will stop and start bobbing his head to the beat! It's so cute!  He is crawling everywhere and he and Claire have discovered the bathroom.  We have to be careful to keep doors closed or they will go straight to the toilet.  Not yet walking, but doing better at cruising the furniture.  He loves to play peek a boo - especially around the coffee table.  He also loves when you say, "How big is Max" and he throws his hands up "so big" with the biggest smile!  He'll even tell you how big Claire is!!  Just this week he has blown a kiss.  I have caught it with a side eye only.  He's probably getting tired of Claire getting all the attention when she blows kisses!
Max is a big fan of bath time.  He loves to splash. And when I say splash, I mean he makes huge waves. I usually have to change clothes after giving baths!  He (along with Claire) are not a fan when I have to wash hair.  We have two sides in the tub: washing station (me) and play area (Justin).  They are like wrestling alligators when I lean them back to wash and rinse hair and their face.
Max is not the best sleeper.  I am not sure if there is a tooth getting ready to come through or what... He goes down 7/7:30 and has been waking up at 5:45-6:15 with a few cries during the night. If I go in there, he reaches up and does a death grip around my neck so I have to pick him up.  Although, his grandparents said he slept 7:30-7 with no cries this past weekend. - Oh how I wish he did that for us.
Buds has five teeth and I think a sixth coming through.  He has learned to bite.... not sure where or if he really knows what he is doing.  Yesterday I had them in the pack and play together and all the sudden Claire started crying. Ran in to see Max basically on top of her near her face.  A few minutes later I noticed teeth marks (4) on Claire's cheek.  Poor baby!

Max is a pretty good eater.  He can be finicky about some finger foods, but still loves baby food.  Their favorite meal is probably breakfast: blueberry pancake, 1/2 banana and yogurt.  I love to watch him eat.  He is so precise and always uses his pincer grasp.  He is a slow eater and only eats one bite at a time and wont even open his mouth until he is ready for the next bite!  He is doing great with the sippy cup.... although I'm afraid he is going to miss the comfort of his bottles.  He has 4 bottles and 3 meals a day. I'm going to start giving a sippy cup in place of his third bottle.

Just moved up to a size 4 diaper
First pair of real shoes 4.5 wide
12-18 mo clothes

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  1. What a cutie!!! I love this age! It's sweet that they bump heads and giggle. Though Claire's poor cheek. I'm sure my youngest would have bitten a twin if he had one, instead he just chose to bite me. :)