Sunday, January 29, 2012

Early Risers

Yeah... so I'm not sure what the deal is but we were up at 5:30 Saturday and Sunday morning. WTH!  Ok, not all of us, just Max and Claire.  Is 6:30am too much to ask for?  We have made them CIO until 6, but it is so painful for me to hear them in the next room crying.  It's not like I can sleep when I hear them.  We were able to get them back down a little after 7 for a quick nap before church.
This weekend was pretty calm.  Justin and I had a date night on Friday and Saturday we just did things around the house.  Saturday was pretty nice so we went for a family run and he washed our cars and I wrote Thank you notes outside while Max and Claire played.
 We brought out the play yard 

We played in the play room.  Claire has become quite the dare devil!

We also broke out the crayons and color pad they got for their birthday... not sure we are quite ready for crayons!

They weren't sure what to think.  We had a couple scribbles on the paper tray and the rest of the time I spent getting crayon out of their mouth!

Claire's starting to take more steps on her own and Max Man is now loving the walker!
Sure do love my babies!

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