Friday, January 27, 2012

Max 12 Months

My sweet Buds!  You are 12 months... .that means you are ONE!  You have changed so much since the day we brought you home.  When you were born, you had dark blonde hair and your complexion was darker.  We were looking at your monthly pictures and you barely look like the same baby!  You are so blonde and have fair skin.  You are still my little snuggle bug.  You love to cuddle with Mommy or Daddy. My favorite is when we are doing your bedtime routine, you lay your head on my shoulder and put your arm around my neck.  Melts my heart every.single.time! You love your grandparents so much.  You light up when you see them (all four).  You have the sweetest little voice and have started babbling all the time.  Recently you have said "mama" and "dada" - "mama" being first, of course!  I'm pretty sure you said and do say "dog".
You have the sweetest smile and overall sweetest personality.  You love to dance.  In fact, the other day you were dancing to the noise of the vacuum cleaner! ha! You still love to play peek a boo.  You just started using your walker and get frustrated when you get to a "road block".  You do not have good balance yet, or a desire to walk on your own... and I am OK with that!  Two of you walking scares me!  You love to play with balls (that sounds weird!), you know how to work your elephant toy, you like to figure things out.  A lot of times I find you messing with the knobs of drawers, or buttons on your clothes.  Very curious little man!
You clap, do "so BIG", wave and blow kisses.
You are still sensitive.  If we use a stern voice to redirect you, or if you barely bump your head, you have tears.  You love bath time!  You and Claire splash the entire time!  I am looking forward to taking you to the pool this summer!  You are a decent sleeper.  Bedtime is anywhere b/t 7 and 7:30 and you usually wake up anywhere b/t 5:45 and 6:30.  I'm hoping once we get back on schedule you will give me an extra 30 minutes. The 5:45 am makes for a long day!  You love going to Mother's Morning out.  You have wonderful teachers that adore you and Claire.
You are a good eater.  Although some textures are starting to turn you off.  For ex.  you will eat any baby food, but you will spit out a whole pea and usually mash them with your fingers.  Your pincer grasp is the cutest.  You pick up one piece of food at a time and don't put another bite in until you have completely chewed the previous bite!  I love watching you eat, it's the cutest!  You love breakfast: blueberry pancake, yogurt, and a banana.  You also like avocado, fish sticks, pears, peaches and cheese bread.
You love your bottle and it makes me sad to be making the transition to sippy cups.  You have done well with the transition to whole milk.

You had your first plane ride on your birthday.  We flew to NJ for your great grandmother's funeral.  Besides a little fussiness, you did great!... especially since you were not feeling well.

12 month stats:
weight:  23 lbs (75th %)
height:  31 inches (85th %)
size 4 diaper
size 4.5wide shoe
6 teeth
most clothes are 12-18 months

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  1. This is when the fun part begins. I think this is when I started losing weight from chasing my kids. They are adorable Kelly and I can't believe they are a year old!