Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To my babies

Dear Max and Claire,
Mommy and daddy can't believe you are already a year old! It seems like just yesterday we were praying we could get pregnant. Y'all made us wait, and boy was it worth the wait! It seems like yesterday I was carrying you in my stomach. I loved every minute of being pregnant - even while on bed rest for 10 weeks!
Mommy had a few false alarms, the last being January 21,2011. I had gotten my nails done and gone to Target. My stomach started feeling tight so I hurried home to rest, only to continue having contractions. I called Brooke and she said to call Dr. Cousins. So I called and Brooke came to pick me up to take me to get checked. Turns out I was only 4 cm but Dr. Cousins said she wouldn't be surprised if she saw me again soon!

Sure enough she was right! I didn't sleep well Friday night. Daddy and I woke up around 5:30 and daddy decided to go to the gym. After he left I noticed stronger contractions that were getting closer together. I had a feeling today was the day! I took a shower and called daddy to tell him I was getting ready to page the doctor. He came home and we put together a few last minute things.

We checked In the hospital around 8 am, got hooked on monitors and waited for dr. Cousins. She came and checked me - I was still 4 cm. the contractions were starting to get painful but Dr. Cousins said she was not going to start the csection until I was 5 cm (I was 36w 6d). She said I could go walk around and come back In a little.
I told daddy I was NOT leaving the hospital without babies! Daddy said I complained enough that Dr. Cousins sent me to have an u/s. I remember crying bc the contractions were getting stronger and I was so uncomfortable. After the u/s she checked my cervix one more time, and sure enough, I was 5 cm. everything went so quick after that. Daddy and I signed paperwork with the anesthesiologist and at 11:45 they wheeled me up to the OR to get ready. I was so nervous. They make you go in alone until after you get the epidural.
I asked daddy and a nurse to talk to me the whole time bc I didn't want to hear anything that was going on! Then at 12:48 I heard the best sound ever, Claire crying - quickly followed by Max! I had instant years of joy! Everything I had always dreamed of (and more) was right in front of me! My life became complete the day y'all were born. I love you guys more than you'll ever know. Everyday I spend with you is a blessing and I will never take it for granted. The two of you bring so much happiness to our lives and I couldn't imagine it without you!

I have loved every second, minute, day, hour, week and month of 2011. Mommy and daddy are amazed at what the two of you can do and look forward to watching you grow!

Happy birthday!!

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