Thursday, January 26, 2012

Claire 12 months

My sweet, sweet girl!  You are 12 months... ONE year old!!  Can not even believe a year has passed.  You have grown into the sweetest little girl.  You are FULL of personality and a ball of energy.  You are constantly on the move.  Recently you took 10 steps.  You haven't done that many since, but take 3 or 4 every now and then.  You can stand for what seems like forever.    You love to push your walker around the house.  You LOVE to dance!  You have the cutest moves.  Sometimes you do a hip thrust (OMG! where did you learn that!), sometimes you bend your knees and move side to side, sometimes you put your hands together and move them around, sometimes you head bang (again, where did you learn this?!) and sometimes you just sway back and forth!  You love to clap.  As soon as the words "are you happy and you know it" leave my mouth, you start to clap!  You babble and "talk" all the time.  I wish I knew what you were saying!  I think you say "mama" and "daddy" appropriately and I think you have said "baby".
You giggle a lot!  My favorite is when I put you and Max in the same crib.  Y'all play together so nicely and laugh and laugh at each other.  You are very ticklish!  You blow a lot of kisses and love to kiss your baby doll.  I think she gets more kisses than me!  You wave, usually with both hands and backward.  You also point at everything.  Sometimes with your point you make a hmmm hmmm sound to get our attention.
You are an excellent eater.  You eat everything that is on your tray and if you see us eating, you point your finger letting us know you want some!  Your favorites are avocado, fish sticks, blueberry pancakes, bananas, and cheese sandwich.  I just started dropping your 3:30 bottle.  Tonight was your first time trying whole milk. I only gave you a little to try with your dinner.  I had been waiting until your one year well baby appointment to talk to Dr. Bates about switching.  I also asked her about milk alternatives.  She recommended organic whole milk.  She said sometimes even the soy and other alternatives can have added hormones in there too.  Interesting.  I'm not sure if you didn' t like the milk, or you didn't like the sippy cup it was in.  We will try again tomorrow with the milk in your bottle.

You went on your first plane ride on your birthday.  We flew to NJ for your great grandmother's funeral.  All in all you did pretty well.  The ride up you did not sit still, the way back you slept most of it...... probably bc we had to get up at 4:30 to get you ready!

weight: 19 lbs 7 oz (50th %)
height:  29.5 inches (75th%)

size 3 diaper
6-12 month clothes
size 3 shoe
4 teeth
I was a little surprised you were in the 75th% in height!  I guess I always thought you were so petite bc you were next to Max!

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  1. So beautiful!! I cannot believe the twins are ONE! Time flies..
    Happy weekend, love! Enjoy it with your gorgeous family! xoxo