Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Today while Max and Claire were at Mother's Morning Out, I was volunteering at the Bargain Box.  It is the largest fundraiser for the Greensboro Junior League.  You can find some really amazing deals.  This fall I got an Anthropologie sweater for $6!  Today I bought a pair of Joe's Jeans for $5.60!!  They are a little long and have a little more flare than I would like, but I couldn't pass up that deal.  I am going to take them to get hemmed Friday.

Probably TMI - but after almost two years, my period is back... lots of fun that is.  I think I forgot what is was like.  I'm crabby, sluggish, have no interest in going to the gym (although, I ran 3 miles yesterday and 3.5 today), have a headache, and I want to EAT EVERYTHING in sight!  I was never one to really crave chocolate.... but OMG that's all I want!  Last night I bought some individually wrapped dark chocolates to help with the cravings! Hoping this goes away soon ;)


  1. Aww, welcome back to period crap. I feel ya, babe, believe me! And you are AMAZING for still going to the gym - I curl up on the couch and nap it off :)

    I hope you and the babes are well! Enjoy the rest of your week!!


  2. We have a Bargain Box here, it's a great spot for treasures! I've yet to find Joe's Jeans there (dang, bought mine full price!) ... yay you!!!!!

  3. Over Thanksgiving my parent's neighbor was telling me about this. I hope to make it by on one of my next trips to the 'boro.