Thursday, February 23, 2012

Go make this for dinner!

I love Pinterest!!  Tonight we tried another recipe I found on there:  White Chicken Enchalidas.  It was amazing!
I think I loved it more than Justin.  The sauce is what got me!! However, next time, I think I'll add spinach.  
Served with brown rice.  You can find recipe here.

On to some randomness.....
I think I figured out why Max has been so cranky and waking up at 5AM!  Not only is he getting two more front, bottom teeth, but a molar just popped through! poor thing!  
I also noticed a little something new in his hair, sweet potato a curl!  Max has his first curl!!  Justin had blond curly hair as a kid and so did my brother.  I'll be interested to see if more follow.
snapshot through the playroom window!  climbing in old bouncy seat!

Fun in the bath!! Since they love baths so much, I let them pick out new bath toys at Babies R Us yesterday.  I figured they needed a new toy for their 13 month!!  I ordered some new monthly stickers, just waiting for them to arrive!

Ok, last thing... Yesterday my left ear started feeling clogged up.  I can barely hear out of it and now my right ear is starting to feel that way.  It is so annoying and doesn't feel great.  I bought some sudafed, thinking it was congestion.... we will see if it gets better tomorrow.  The pharmacist said if it doesn't go away it could be ear was build up.. EW GROSS! I don't know if I can wait four days to find out - I might have to go to the dr tomorrow.


  1. That looks yummy!

    Same exact thing happened in our house. Mia was much crankier than normal and her sleeping wasn't right. And then boom... she had three new teeth including a molar. She's getting at least 3 more. Ayaya!

    Feel better :)

  2. I'm always looking for something new for dinner, and that looks and sounds delish! Next week for sure!

    They are so cute and happy in the bath!